"Why can't I just relax?!"

We have a few gifts to send you that will help you:
  • overcome anxiety and depression
  • feel energized even in the middle of the day
  • start taking control of your life and expressing your authentic self

You deserve a happy life.
We can help.

What is a rich life?

It means you’re excited to wake up in the morning, you do work you love, and you feel good even when life gets challenging. You feel balanced and most importantly: in control.

Weird how there isn’t much guidance out there on how to do this, huh?

People are happiest and healthiest when their inner light is allowed to shine. It makes us more creative and productive. You recover quicker from setbacks and can connect deeper with the people who matter to you most.

Dare we say, you even become more attractive? Happiness is contagious.

You have the power within you to do all of this. It’s just a matter of knowing how to tap into it. We can show you how.

Here’s what clients say about working with us:

“I was referred to Carolynn for Jikiden Reiki and was blown away by the results.  My pain and stiffness melted away after just 2 sessions and have not returned. I am able to return back to activities that most of us take for granted.”



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My experience with Empower Thyself, and Modern Mystery School initiation in general, simply cannot be described in words.  It has to be lived!  All the incredible changes for the good that I have witnessed in myself, my friends, family, and clients over the past several years since being initiated have blown me away.”


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“After I received a Life Activation, my life began such a strong and positive change that it can only be described as miraculous. Since Life Activation I have more energy, am more productive, and feel as if the waves of the universe itself have shifted from sending me negative to positive opportunities.”


New Jersey

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