Stress ruining your day? Get the 5 tools you need to finally relax.

90% of our new clients make these SAME mistakes. Get our checklist with the 5 tools for quickly avoiding stress and feeling more energized and relaxed throughout your day (yes, even during the 2 o'clock slump).

What if you could be your healthiest, clearest, most confident self every day?

What would you achieve?

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We’re in the business of changing lives.

Modern living has a lot of us feeling overworked, depressed, and confused. Who are you? What’s your purpose beyond your day job? Why do you feel so tired all the time?

Life shouldn’t be that way.

In fact, for thousands of years, there existed specialists who helped people blossom (physically, mentally and spiritually) and become confident, powerful leaders.

These specialists trained extensively in private universities called mystery schools, where people went to transform their lives and learn how to help others do the same.

These are the tools we offer our clientele today. They’ve been used for thousands of years and they work for everyone.

We offer private consultations and premier training for people who want to feel great, change their lives, and change the world.

You deserve a rich life of good health and doing meaningful work you love. We can help.

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Here’s what clients say about working with us:

“I was referred to Carolynn for Jikiden Reiki and was blown away by the results.  My pain and stiffness melted away after just 2 sessions and have not returned. I am able to return back to activities that most of us take for granted.”


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My experience … simply cannot be described in words.  It has to be lived!  All the incredible changes for the good that I have witnessed in myself, my friends, family, and clients over the past several years since being initiated have blown me away.”


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“After I received a DNA Activation, my life began such a strong and positive change that it can only be described as miraculous. Since this Activation I have more energy, am more productive, and feel as if the waves of the universe itself have shifted from sending me negative to positive opportunities.”

New Jersey

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3 keys for developing your full potential:



A simple yet profound tool for overcoming stress. Meditation is easy and can be done in as few as five minutes a day. We offer weekly classes and private coaching.

Life Activation

DNA Activation

Awaken your life purpose and get greater clarity on the things that trouble you the most. This is a good first step for anyone seeking to make a change in their life.

Empower Thyself

Initiation of Light

A quantum leap forward for your life. Access more of your hidden power so you change your life and change the world. This is a foundational class for everything we do.

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