Initiation of Light (1st Initiation)

Initiation of Light is the foundation of everything we do.

The curriculum follows a core series of teachings originally laid down by King Solomon the Wise thousands of years ago. The information you receive is unchanged since that time, meaning that the tools will work for you like they have for the many students who have come before you. That’s the power of lineage!

This is a unique program in that you don’t learn the tools out of a book. Initiation is an experience. Class exercises are hands on and each student’s experience will be unique based on what they most need to understand for their growth.

A Higher State of Being

This Initiation takes you to a higher realm of understanding — both about yourself and the world around you. It gives you deeper understanding of who you are, beyond the masks you felt forced to wear growing up. It also gives you tools to create greater abundance in your life.

What we cover in Initiation of Light:

  1. The origins of creation and the universe
  2. A brief history of the school and humanity
  3. Why are humans here?
  4. What is our potential?
  5. Where we’re all going, our progression as a species
  6. Tools to dissolve blocks, redirect negativity and stand in our power
  7. Meditation techniques
  8. Chakras and the human energy systems
  9. Transmission of sacred teachings
  10. Physical initiation into the King Solomon lineage

You are ready for initiation if:

  • You want to awaken your higher contracts and start doing the work you came here to do
  • You want to make a deeper impact on the world.
  • You want to master yourself and manifest more positive change for yourself and those around you.
  • Service is very important to you. You want to harness your gifts and channel them into making the world a better place.

Benefits of Initiation:

  • 10x the power to influence the people and world around you.
  • Direct access to and guidance from the Hierarchy of Light.
  • Opportunity to fully access and live our full divine potential on this planet.
  • Greater awareness and accurate information from your own inner guidance (instead of relying on outside people or other crutches).
  • Stronger control over your energy and emotions. Really important for sensitive, thoughtful or introverted people.
  • Greater ease at dealing with life’s challenges. Life will always have challenges but you don’t need to struggle so much.
  • Change your energetic baseline from a typical person’s to more positive. The reason we struggle so much is our natural human baseline naturally runs counter to that of the universe around us. Initiation resets this so we begin to “go with the flow” — literally!

Investment: $500 ($200 deposit required to reserve your spot).
Prerequisite: DNA Activation

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