What is lineage?

Lineage is a sign of where you came from. In a mystery school, it refers to the passing down of intact wisdom from teachers to students over many years, sometimes centuries or millennia.

By intact, we mean nothing’s been changed in all that time. You know the teachings work because people have been using them for a very long time! That’s why keeping them pure is important. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

When someone considers a martial arts teacher, they often look at the teacher’s lineage. Obviously, someone whose lineage traces back to Bruce Lee would be really impressive, because everyone recognizes the quality of Lee’s work.

Mystery school lineage is no different. Our tools have worked for a long time and their power and effectiveness comes from the integrity of the lineage.

Before considering a healer or spiritual teacher, you should always ask who they studied with. The relationship between teacher and student is critical. A person cannot get lineage from a book!

What is energy healing?

Humans have a tremendous capacity for healing, but sometimes they need a helping hand. This is where a certified healer comes in. Such a person can hold the space for someone else so they can heal better.

Humans are more than a physical body, they have energy systems that are invisible to the eye but affect physical, mental and emotional health. We believe that nurturing the body on an energetic level can help your health in other areas. Science is beginning to understand more and more the relationship between the body and the mind. We’d like to suggest the addition of the spirit to that equation.

Energy healing is very gentle and can be done in person or long distance. In most cases, the client can be sitting, lying down or even taking a nap during the session (always fully clothed). Energy healing can be very effective with a range of complaints from depression, stress and anxiety to physical ailments.

How you are different from other spiritual workers?

We’ve been trained and certified in a lineage dating back 3,000 years. We’re also tested and recertified every year so quality standards of our work remain high. When deciding on who to work with, you should always look for these safeguards so you know the quality of what you’re getting.

Obviously, you should also feel at ease with who you work with. We consider the relationships with our clients to be sacred. That’s why we offer free phone consultations to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone before we work together.

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