Meditation is one of the best investments we can make in ourselves. It brings deeper awareness and inner peace to those who regularly practice it, and studies now show it has profound health benefits. There’s a reason it’s been popular for thousands of years.

Meditation is getting so much coverage recently that schools like Harvard and Yale have designed meditation courses, and UCLA has created its own Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Here’s how else meditation is helping change lives:

Meditation is a key to self-mastery. It not only helps with stress but breaks through our personal blocks. That’s why we recommend it for everyone.

When we come to control our mind and our fears, we have better control over our lives. What would you do differently if you weren’t so anxious all the time? How much more productive would you be?

It also keeps us rooted in the present instead of feeling stuck in the past or the future. Meditation keeps us mindful and plugged into life instead of “mentally checking out.”

There’s a reason we feel so attracted to people who are really present. These people feel connected to us and supercharged with energy and presence. We all want more of that for ourselves!

Benefits of meditation include:

  • You can finally RELAX.
  • You raise your level of serotonin (which helps relieve depression, head aches and insomnia).
  • It helps you sit quietly and not be judgmental (of yourself or others).
  • It’s short and gives you exactly what you need. No crazy details or instructions.
  • It’s gentle, pleasantly calm, and helps pull you back in line whenever you need it.
  • You have an easier time cultivating compassion and patience.
  • You can stop overthinking things.
  • You’ll be more present with the people who matter most in your life.
  • Meditation helps you stop reacting to the things that trigger you and start consciously responding. This means less stress and more thoughtfulness in the long run, which means more respect from other people. This is critical for leaders.

Unfortunately there are a few myths about meditation we have to clear up.

Myth #1: “There’s no way I can clear my head for an hour! I can barely last five minutes!”

Like anything worth doing, meditation is a skill that’s developed over time. It’s no different than learning how to lift weights. The more you do, the better you get at it.

That said, you can see benfits from even a small amount of meditation. If you’re just starting out, focus on five minutes at a time and then gradually build up from there.

Myth #2: “I have no time to meditate!”

You can meditate anywhere. That’s what’s so great about it. You don’t need fancy equipment, just yourself. Got 5 minutes before a meeting? Need a breather after lunch? Stuck at the airport? You can meditate.

This is about building a muscle that will serve you for the rest of your life. Once you know the right way, you can do it anywhere, any time.

Myth #3: “Do I have to, like, be a yogi to meditate?”

Anyone can meditate, even stressed out business professionals. (You people, especially!) Even if you’ve had no experience with a path of spiritual training and can’t shut your mind up because you’re so busy, we can help you meditate and relax.

We’ve worked with CEOs, business owners, and other people who have no time and a lot of responsibilities … and we’ve even gotten them to meditate. Seriously, anyone can do it.

How to get started

We teach meditation at our Mahwah location every Friday at 7:15pm. We also design corporate meditation & wellness programs.

Contact us to register for a class or get more information about how we can design a program for your company.

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