Path of Transformation

Mystery schools are similar to regular universities in that, once you get the basic stuff under your belt, you can specialize in a certain field and take whatever advanced courses that interest you.

How this works

All students start with a private session called a DNA Activation. This is an ancient tool that activates your life purpose and helps bring clarity about where you’re going and greater ease in getting there.

At that point, if you so choose you can now step forward for Initiation of Light. This is a core class in mystery school instruction, and here you receive foundation teachings for all advanced training. This is where you learn about how to best serve yourself.

Once you have completed this first initiation, you can take Level 1 of Healers Academy. This is the second initiation on the mystery school path. You spend a week studying the healing arts and service to others, especially DNA Activation. You’ll leave with certification as a DNA Activation practitioner and can now offer activation to your friends, family and clients.

Once you have these two initiations, you can choose to specialize in other fields depending on your interests. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it. Some people even branch out into multiple areas.

The Healer’s Path

The healing path means learning tools and techniques to help other people transform their lives. You’ll get a deep understanding of the human energy system and how to work with clients.

There are a total of 3 levels of training in Healers Academy, at the end of which you’re certified as a Master Healer. That are additional classes in specialized healing techniques as well.

The Ceremonial Path

This is the path of the warrior, and we do get quite a number of military veterans and martial artists on this path, though that’s not necessary to qualify. This path requires 100% dedication to greater service to humanity. You need toughness, grit, and a smile.  Your personal training includes  various methods for impacting the world on the day to day and redirecting things when needed.

The Path of the Sage

You know yourself best through wisdom, which requires experience. The sage is a person who studies the mysteries of life and the universe, and that includes a study of an ancient and holy system called the Kabbalah. This is a 10-month program with teachers throughout the United States.

Tips for Success

As with anything in life, you get the most out of this path by how much you put into it. Like we said, you can go as far as you like.

Training is very hands on, experiential, and directly applicable to everyday life. You’re encouraged to use these tools often so you can get maximum benefit from them for yourself and others.

Knowledge is only so good until you actually apply it so theory can become wisdom. Mystery schools have always existed for the purpose of living a full life and doing greater work in the world, not memorizing things from a book!

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