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“You know those photos that are really awesome, but they come out blurry? That’s how I felt before working with you guys. Since activation and initiation, and beginning to use these tools every day, life is much clearer and I dream more vividly. There are still challenges of course, but they’re more manageable. I own my awesomeness and don’t second guess myself anymore. I just move forward trusting in the light that has me. I even notice a change in the quality of my work and my capacity for helping others.”

Lorisse K.

New York

“As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, I lead a super busy life. It can be difficult for me to turn my mind off since I never truly leave work, which resulted in anxiety and lack of focus. Meditation with Carolynn helped me calm down and finally relax. At the end of the sessions, I felt hopeful, energized, and better able to concentrate. Definitely more effective than coffee.”

Shayna C.

New Jersey

“For any of you who are considering taking the Jikiden Reiki course, I definitely recommend taking it! Sue is just so lovely and wonderful! It’s an amazing tool to have in your healing belt and it’s effective and portable. Jikiden Reiki is really effective in addition to your current health care practice, and really helps to decrease stress and promote relaxation both of which are important for health and healing.”

Ai-Linn C., RN


“After I received a DNA Activation, my life began such a strong and positive change that it can only be described as miraculous. Since then I have more energy, am more productive, and feel as if the waves of the universe itself have shifted from sending me negative to positive opportunities. I am forever grateful for such a wonderful teacher as Carolynn. I would not only recommend DNA Activation but any and all teachings she has to offer.”

Elizabeth P.

New Jersey

“Carolynn is an insanely likable, wonderful gal who made me feel very relaxed and comfortable straight away. She was easy to talk to, great at listening, and I felt that she really cared and was interested in helping me out. Her genuine interest and love for the human condition makes working with her worthwhile. I highly recommend!”

Karina F.


“My experience … simply cannot be described in words.  It has to be lived!  All the incredible changes for the good that I have witnessed in myself, my friends, family, and clients over the past several years since being initiated have blown me away.  After 20 years of consciously following many paths of spiritual inquiry and truth, just 2 short years as an initiate has brought me to what I would consider to be the gates of heavenly bliss in EVERY (I mean it — every) area of my life.

Being an initiate is not always easy, but for those of us who wish to know who we really are and discover more joy each day, while being empowered and present for our real lives as real human beings, there is nothing else like it on the planet, in my opinion and experience.  I feel so ready to face any challenge, ready to be myself each day, and capable of overcoming any negativity that comes my way from inside or outside.

I was not always like this, and initiation has helped me change the fundamental core of my character to that of goodness.  Is this journey over?  Far from it — each morning I awake and it is just beginning!  This is the most exciting and grounded, loving, spiritual adventure I could possibly imagine — my life as my true self!  I am thankful every day for the use of these tools and holy initiations to make this kind of a positive impact in the lives of so many people.”

Jordan B.


“Results? I’m much more confident now. I have less if any anxiety when working and more self-esteem. Even my dating life has improved. I’m finding I can make things happen like connecting with new people and taking on big projects in my business that before I just couldn’t.”

Sukhtej S.

New Jersey

“I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results of my first Ensofic Ray Healing session with Sue. From 2006-08, I was exposed to toxic mold due to prexisting water damage in the apartment I was renting, and it was like all the lights went out in my mind. Within months, I had short term memory and problems that I never had before.

Being young, and naive to the dangers of mold, I went about my daily business unaware that the myelin in my brain was slowly disintegrating. It was obvious that something was wrong. I went from being prolifically creative and mentally hyper-active to having these days where I was experiencing hours of lost time where I would stare off into space and forget what I was supposed to be doing.

My mind went from being bright and active to being like a dark room. I stopped having lucid dreams, being able to visualize, even meditate. For an artist and a writer, this was a heartwrenching tragedy. Looking back, I am realizing how severely this exposure hampered my life, damaged my brain and completely affected my ability to function. No healers I asked for help took me seriously, or were able to point me in the right direction. Of all the healings I’ve experienced, Ensofic Ray healing is the only thing that has even come close to helping.

During the session, I felt waves of energy coursing through me in various areas of my body–mostly a lot of tingling in my head and crown, prefrontal cortex, and around the base of my skull. For a few hours after the session I had a bit of a headache. But I could sense this was a good headache, like nerve endings and synapses were waking up.

After one session, my sense of smell has come back, the daily fatigue is gone, and the brain fog is almost completely gone. Just. Like. That. I’ve even noticed that my short term memory has started to come back. Honestly it’s like a cloud has been lifted. My mind certainly isn’t what it used to me, my memory and creativity hasn’t fully come back, but if this is only the first session…I can only imagine how profound the next few sessions will be! My only regret is that I didn’t know about this healing four years ago! Thanks again!!

UPDATE: I’m more in control of my mind and emotions. My awareness and perception have increased. It also seems like old insecurities are not bothering me as much. They are still there, I’m just more aware and in control of them. Also, I have cleared some communication blocks, including one around public speaking. I think this healing worked on multiple levels of my being–it’s hard to articulate everything it did–but I definitely needed it!!”

Kelly H.


“Sue Ananian is more than a healer, more than a therapist, more than a counselor, and more than words can describe or money can buy.  She is a friend and a soul deeply committed to working with the Light. Sue has the grace and humility it takes to balance worlds.  Many claim to work with the Light, Sue flat out does it.  She is a compassionate channel capable of assisting in the healing of any who will open up to her gifts.”

Richard K., JD, CST, OM


“My 5 year history of chronic severe foot pain has drastically been reduced with only three Ensofic Ray Healing sessions and believe me, I have tried everything else available on the market. As a nurse, midwife, Reiki master and energetic healer myself, I will say hands down that the EnSofic Ray Healing Modality is one of the purest forms of energy healing I have experienced. Each session left me extremely balanced, calm and refreshed and wanting to experience more [for] my foot pain.”

Hannah B., RN


“Kiera (4 years old) has been quite timid and it’s become a problem getting her off to school and now affecting her making friends at school.  I have been worrying more and more about her timidity as it was becoming a bigger problem.  She was not liking school at all, so I called you for EnSofic Ray treatments.  After the sessions, my daughter was skipping in the park and singing “I feel better!”  And I never saw her skip before, much less singing at the same time.  How wonderful to see that big smile on her face!”

Michelle D.


“I came across you while looking for something more, wanting to find a way to further my potential and make things happen in my life. Before, I was sort of stuck with how to move forward and do the things I wanted to do, I always knew there was more to me than what was there at the time and I only really wanted to access more of myself and create things in my life. Unfortunately, the energy just wasn’t flowing for me in a way that made me feel like I could do much. I got a life activation and immediately after, I felt much lighter and certain abilities started flowing through me.

It didn’t happen right away, but with more time I saw myself flourish and become much more confident and free. I started working through past issues that weighed me down. After initiation, I really started to establish who I was and who I wanted to be. I really began to be sure of what I wanted and was drawn more to things I deserved, some illusions started falling away. I am very happy with the tools given to me to always improve and be better in some way.

I am still in no way perfect but I most definitely am growing everyday and I am able to really see this and be aware of my development and it is only the beginning. I feel even more sure of myself and am continually excited to see where my life is going and who I will continue to become. Thank you for everything.”

Sara A.

New Jersey

“Two weeks after DNA Activation, I ended a toxic relationship I was in.  I feel so much better now, and so free!  It’s funny, because after that session with you, I was already feeling better, and I’ve been riding a wave of self-confidence/determination ever since … haha, this sounds like a testimonial.  You should add it to your website.”

Amy J.

New Jersey

“Sue was treating me for back pain a few weeks ago. I was in such severe pain that pain pills were ineffective and I barely could walk. After the treatment was done, I had immediate relief from upper back pain. I slept thru the night free of pain for the first time in 4 plus years. The next day I could feel the healing continue despite still having lower back pain which now was more bearable. The healing continued off and on for the next two weeks. I can now walk better with a lot less pain and my exercise regiment is getting better. I am able to do more with less pain. Sue figures I will need more sessions but the initial session has proven to be very beneficial to me. Looking forward to our next session!”

Michael L.


“I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression four months ago and the doctors wanted me on medication, yet it didn’t make a difference. A friend suggested I call you and after the first session, I had a 180 degree turnaround. The next day, I found myself talking, joking and having fun at work and noticed the debilitating fear of failure I had been riddled with was gone. I actually feel a sense of confidence. WOW!”

Daniel S.

New Jersey

“I was referred to Sue Ananian, when I found myself in a state of desperation in regard to my 13 year-old son Brandon who was hospitalized for meningitis. Remotely, Sue used the EnSofic Ray Healing modality to work on him. The doctors on staff were surprised at how quickly Brandon’s condition shifted.  I highly recommend Sue to anyone who requires healing of the mind, body or spirit. Her integrity and focused power has been proven to be the antidote to any ailment. Her magnetic gift is specifically anchored to the exact area in which is needed.  Thank you, Sue.”

Carla R.

New Jersey

“As you know, we had been dealing with many challenges living with Autism for these past 8 years. After the very first EnSofic Ray Healing session, my son stopped wetting his bed. We have gone on vacations since and he is amiable, waits patiently on long, hot lines, drags his own suitcase and helps in planning the daily events and even did his homework on the plane! He is also doing much better in school now and his teachers have commented that he seems happier. He now enjoys recess as he is actually completing his homework tasks on time, he is actively playing soccer, has joined Karate and is swimming on the Special Olympics team. I am thrilled at the increased quality of life that we are all experiencing! Thank you!”

Cristy S.

New Jersey

“Sue is so kind and compassionate! She has a lot of patience and a genuine caring for her clients. I was both impressed and very satisfied with the results from my Etheric Reconstruction session with her. I was suffering from floaters in both my eyes and debilitating lower back pain and quite a bit of anxiety.  While sitting, lying down and standing I had been experiencing immense pain and it hindered the quality of my life.   She felt that a session of Etheric Reconstruction would address these issues best.

“After one session the floaters were significantly lessened, my back pain is so much better and my anxiety is gone.  I didn’t realize how much of my life was compromised until after the session.   I highly recommend Sue and her services to everyone and look forward to another session in the near future.”

Staci L.


“I feel like a whole new person. Previous hurts & fears have transitioned with ease. I have renewed confidence & excitement for life and I attracted success immediately afterwards. The Ensofic Ray sessions that I received have assisted me tremendously in moving through blockages that tied me to old habits and patterns that left me miserable.

I had been trying to move forward and progress through fears and old wounds for quite some time and my success in healing those issues was slow. The magic really started after the second session where I knew I had to become a whole new person. Since that point and after the completion of the series, my business has grown beyond my hopes and everywhere I go, people remember me. That’s right; I’m the woman who’s always got a smile on her face again.”

Alek H.


“I have lived with chronic back pain and sciatica for almost 18yrs, which at its worst would result in many sleepless nights and many trips to the pharmacy. I tried everything to no avail. I was referred to Carolynn for Jikiden Reiki and was blown away by the results.  My pain and stiffness melted away after just 2 sessions and have not returned. I am able to return back to activities that most of us take for granted.

Carolynn is truly a gifted healer and I would encourage anyone who is looking for an alternative approach to managing their pain/health issues to book a session with Carolynn. It could be the answer that you have been searching for.  Much gratitude!”

Bharti G.


“For nearly a decade, my life was empty. I had been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, panic disorder and severe anorexia at age nine, and the next nine years were filled with nothing but tragedy, hospital stays and tears. Many times I wished my life would just end already, that I was just watching my life slip away.

I was first introduced to Carolynn and Sue in January 2013, a few days after a very traumatic experience. Within the first hour of speaking with Carolynn about my past and the difficulties I was experiencing, I felt myself become more hopeful and at ease. She offered me a DNA Activation, and I agreed, not fully knowing what it was. Once she finished, I immediately felt my vitality return – with color in my skin and a smile in my voice. I even devoured a huge meal.

Needless to say, I continued on my journey of meetings with Carolynn and Sue; within the first week of meeting them, I noticed an enormous shift in myself and my behaviors. I felt great for the first time, which shocked me incredibly considering one of the worst events of my life had just taken place. I have received life activation, emotional cord cuttings, magick wishes, life purpose reading, and the empower thyself initiation. All of these wonderful tools helped me tremendously and I saw nearly instant results in my moods, behavior and relationships. It was magical; I couldn’t wait to continue.

It is now November, and I never thought I would get to the place I’m at right now – full of hope, strength, joy and pride. I am beginning to step into a place where I am thriving. I have never felt so happy and excited to live. Each day has represented a useful tool or bit of information which has overall allowed me to flourish and grow into who I really am, and who I want to be. I am so excited to continue to learn and grow.”


New Jersey

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