Private Healing Sessions

People have a tremendous capacity for bouncing back from all sorts of conditions affecting the body, mind and spirit. We have tools that can make this healing process easier for you. The conditions we see the most often include:

  • depression
  • autism
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • PTSD
  • structural problems and injuries
  • cancer
  • end of life support
  • getting to the next step in your personal growth
  • overcoming mental blocks

Private sessions usually take place in person at our offices. We start with an intake to get a detailed overview of the client’s history before offering an action plan. Sessions are always clothed, and clients usually sit or lie down on a massage table. Many find the sessions very relaxing and even fall asleep (totally encouraged!).

We do have some tools to help you long distance, if you live far away from our New Jersey location. We customize our toolkit by the client, so there’s a lot we can do within the boundaries of your situation.


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